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Prathima was established with an intention of being a comprehensive & cost-effective chain of enterprises and sectors that provides super specialty services with warmth and care. The multidimensional group interests in the healthcare, education, real estate, industries- manufacturing sectors, energy, telecom, and hospitality & entertainment. It is anchored by the professionals from various backgrounds of Education, Real Estate, IT, Healthcare and Infrastructure. We believe in providing a robust experience driven by a steady and resolute mission to make a positive impact on the ones associated with us, whether in our healthcare delivery and rural outreach of tertiary healthcare, or with Netxcell, our VAS and IT company which is one of India’s well-known VAS players.

Prathima Group has ventured into business where survival is driven by knowledge, technology and an ability to compete not with others but ourselves and provide excellent results. Drawing from a resource pool of transcontinental expertise, Prathima has built a solid foundation of knowledge about industries as diverse as information technology, infrastructure and property development, financial services, energy, manufacturing and entertainment, and have then applied this knowledge in building companies that competed and excelled. Early adoption of the newest cutting edge technologies played a decisive role in steering Prathima towards success. Above all, the human talent the group was able to harness ensured that Prathima thrived while countless other new age companies fumbled and fell in the tumultuous 90s.

  • Healthcare – Prathima Hospitals

Ranked as the best hospital in Hyderabad– Prathima Hospitals is owned by the healthcare division of Prathima Group, which started in 1990s currently has a chain of three hospitals with a bed strength of 1,500 super specialty hospital in Telengana. Since its inception, the hospital has set up over 14 specialties, integrated radiology and diagnostics, blood bank with plasma and other facilities, fully fledged cardiac, surgical and medical amenities. For decades, the hospital has been successful in creating a unique identity of its own as a professional medical care provider with a strong adherence to ethics and a clear focus on bettering the health and lifestyle of the community that it operates in.

In addition, we plan to introduce an Advanced Emergency Department equipped with a helicopter ambulance, diagnostic facilities, homecare and doctor-on-call. We also plan to double our bed capacity in the near future.

Apart from the super specialty centers, we aim to initiate a Center of excellence for Comprehensive Cancer Care. This is going to be one of the largest cancer care institutes in Southern India. This would look into both the physical and psychological aspects throughout the treatment and post- treatment and improve the quality of life.

  • Education – Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences

Professional education and empowerment through skill creation is an ongoing journey for us. The continuous efforts and nursing education initiatives mean world class facilities on one hand and the evolving of the non-urban, economically challenged individuals into empowered nursing professionals on the other.

Prathima Educational Society

PIMS is the first center for learning launched by the Society. Established in 2001 under Prathima Educational Society registered under Societies Act. At Karimnagar, Hyderabad with the mission to bring health care of established standards within the reach of every individual to educate the masses of the health and family welfare; commitment to excellence in research, healthcare and medical education.

Perspectives in Medical Research – Official Scientific Publication of Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences

This is a multidisciplinary, National, peer reviewed journal published thrice a year by Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences- Karimnagar, Telangana. The journal is published concurrently in print and electronic version.
The scope of which is to seek high-quality research from all medical specialties encompassing basic, applied and translational research in order to support and disseminate the knowledge and evidence based practices in the field of medical sciences. The journal publishes various studies like basic studies including animal experiments, clinical and epidemiological studies in the form of original research articles, review articles (narrative as well as systematic), short communications, case studies and letter to the editor that meet the criteria of scientific and technical merits.


  • Real Estate- Prathima Estates

From homes, apartments, resorts, bridges, roads to technology parks Prathima Estates have been steadily scaling the heights of success since its inception. It believes in providing quality delivery of best standards. It was founded with a vision to form a premium global conglomerate with a clear professional focus on diverse businesses within the group. The company is set on high values of quality and integrity and is committed to bringing world-class infrastructure to India.

  • Manufacturing – Prathima Industries

For us manufacturing is more about capitalizing on our ability to isolate business opportunities and run them with pragmatism. Our forays into this area have been founded largely on our understanding of supply chain dynamics and the virtual assurance of business success. Largely catering to pre-ordered sales, our manufacturing activities in extrusion and gas cylinder are well set initiatives. Self-reliant with their own sources of finance, man power and set markets, the manufacturing activities of the Group are on auto-mode. Between extrusions and gas cylinder manufacture, the Group generates an employment both direct and indirect of 500 plus people.

PRATHIMA INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED is primarily involved in manufacturing of Acetylene refrigerate gases, Compressed air, Elemental gases, Liquid air. Manufacture of industrial gases, etc.

  • Hospitality and Entertainment – Prathima Multiplex

Well organized, well maintained the multiplex ticketing and MIS is completely computerized with high levels of security and luxury. With access for the physically challenged, the Prathima Multiplex is truly the beginning of a new chapter in entertainment in Karimnagar,Telangana.

  • CSR – Prathima Foundation

Profit is not the only motive, which ought to drive a corporation’s efforts. Commitment and an oath to serve the needy are also relevant requirements in a society.

Prathima Foundation is a unit of the Prathima Educational Society. Established in the year 2001, the society runs the Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) at Karimnagar, which is one of the largest medical college-cum-general hospitals in the region. In its decade long existence, the institute has served millions of poor and needy patients by performing more than 30,000 free operations, conducted numerous health camps and social outreach programs in the tribal areas of Adilabad and interiors of Karimnagar District in Telangana. The institute rolled out innovative and path breaking medical programs as the means to deliver quality health care within the reach of poor.


PRATHIMA Group ensures areas of local importance and national priority. Service on one hand and smart opportunity handling on the other. It promotes behaviours that are consistent with our defined core values and we endeavor to walk the talk, at all times, under any circumstances and deliver our best.