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The care of the sick and the weak is a noble mission. The teaching hospital at PIMS carries out this task with the right spirit of service and efficiency: it is a modern institution that has proved its mettle as a provider of excellent patient care and health education services in a very brief period of time. Since its inception in October 2001, PIMS has been on a drive to expand, upgrade and innovate. As a healthcare institution catering to a population of around five million people in an extended geographic region comprising a host of towns, villages and tribal settlements, PIMS understands that apart from a large heart, it also needs several extra pairs of hands to meet its own defined goals of excellence in care. It has expanded its range of services, departments & facilities, teams of specialists & support personnel severalfold in the last few years. And the urge to grow hasn’t stopped as yet. In the field of medicine, what’s gospel truth today, isn’t so tomorrow: the world learns about a new means to treat old disease, hopefully, and a new ailment, sadly, every day. PIMS believes in continuous upgradation- of knowledge, equipment and capacities. PIMS strives every day to provide affordable, better and convenient services to its patients- that’s the abcof its agenda. In its efforts to reach out to more sections of the population in its area of operations PIMS has designed and implemented several free and inexpensive care schemes focussing on indigent mothers and children, low income families with no health insurance support and several other less fortunate groups. Worked out in concert with governmental and non- governmental agencies, these innovative projects are a reflection of PIMS’ sincerity in implementing its aim of bringing world class medical care to the villages.

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