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This Program is a unique example of effective public-private partnership in heathcare. It is the result of an understanding arrived at between PIMS and the Director, Project Managing Unit, Indira Kranthi Patham (DPMU-IKP), Karimnagar. Indira Kranthi Patham is a project started by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and funded by the World Bank with the avowed objective of aiding the process of empowerment of women and other disadvantaged citizens. The project promotes and facilitates the activities of self-help groups in the state. Some of the salient features of the Arogya Raksha Pathakam are :

  • It is targeted at the families of members of the women's self-help groups in the district (Karimnagar ).
  • It offers all members (upto five ) of each family insured under the Program free healthcare services to the extent of Rs.60,000 for a period of 3 years.
  • The services include : free consulting and treatment, 20% discount on diagnosticservices, 50% waiver of expenses incurred by in-patients on medicines, free surgical treatment (excluding the cost of implants and meshes ) for all insured members except for those suffering from certain specified ailments.
  • The Program was started on 15th July, 2005, and more than 4500 patients
  • availed of its benefits in the first six weeks itself !
  • The goal of the programme is to reach at least 5,00,000 patients i.e., a 1,00,000 self help group families.
  • The program is monitored by the World Bank Officials through the office of the IKP/AR on a daily basis, and the officials of the World Bank visit frequently to oversee the program.
  • The entire Program is funded by the management of PIMS.
  • What makes the Program so very special ? How does it score over other
  • medical insurance Programs, for instance ?
  • A very modest one-time payment of Rs.448 per family (up to 5 members) ensures maximum healthcare benefits under this scheme. Truly, the first of its kind in the world, as also evidenced by the interest shown by the World Bank in its progress.
  • Unlike regular medical insurance schemes, it extends coverage to pre-existing diseases, ailments too.
  • It extends coverage to outpatients too.
  • The enrolled patients do not pay for any In-Patient or Out-Patient services until such time as the total extent of coverage under the scheme, Rs.60,000, is not exhausted. This is of great benefit to the enrolled in the sense that they needn't worry about lack of funds during and after treatment.
  • The scheme enables the in-patients to buy quality medicines at a discount of 50%.

A part from the Programs listed above PIMS has evolved an active outreach strategy of identifying and developing many short and long-term Programs targeted at reaching more and more disadvantaged citizens. Concurrently, PIMS runs a series of frequent Free Medical Camps, adopted Primary Health Centres etc.,

Above all, PIMS' ingrained philosophy that 'life is a gift' that needs to be protected,is clearly reflected in the low, widely affordable charges it expects from even those patients who can afford to pay more and are not covered by any of its Programs mentioned above.