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This Program is targeted at all families living below the poverty line. It entails free consulting, surgery and treatment. Any BPL family can avail of these services. The only costs they are expected to bear are those incurred on medicines, consumables and a part of charges incurred on investigations..

DOTS - Directly Observed Treatment Short Course.

PIMS is one of the chosen centers for the implementation of the DOTS Program in Karimnagar district. The Program , a concerted nation-wide drive being conducted by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, with the objective of eradication of Tuberculosis in the country. Considered the largest DOTS Program in the world, PIMS is justifiably proud of having been chosen to be a participant in it.

IBBS – Integrated Behavioural and Biological Survey.

PIMS is participating in the IBBS (Integrated Behavioural and Biological Survey) in high HIV prevalence settings in Karimnagar district. The project is being handled by NIN (National Institute OF Nutrition) and PIMS has been chosen for project work for the district laboratory of IBBA.