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Karimnagar is a region of rivers and valleys, temples and fortresses. There are places redolent of history that echo with the grandeur of bygone ages - of the Satavahanas, the Kakatiyas, the Vishnukundins, the Chalukyas, the Qutb Shahis and the Asaf Jahis. And there are other sights that spell adventure of a more contemporary nature. And there are places to quench your spiritual thirst- but that would require more than a page to make a passing mention.

Let's start with the forts:

Nagunur. The village PIMS is situated in, was once an important town in the Kakatiya empire. The fort here reminds one of the pomp of the era.The temple dedicated to Shiva bears testimony to the architectural splendor of the time.

Elgandal. It is situated on the banks of the Manair river amidst palm groves at a distance of 10 kms from Karimnagar on the Kamareddy road. This place is historically significant because five important dynasties ruled over this place. Don't miss the ancient temples here.

Molangoor. 30 Kms from Karimnagar, strategically located on the summit of a big isolated granite hill, this fort was built by the Kakatiyas. The ruins of palaces, garrisons, stables and other structures speak of the valour and pride of the dynasty.

Kothakonda. Surrounded on all sides by hills, the only means of access to the village is by bullock-cart. On a hillock here are the ruins of a big fort. Of the five ponds on the hill, two never dry up even under conditions of severe drought. Visit the temple dedicated to Virabhadra Swamy, patron deity of the Kakatiyas.

All places of historical and spiritual interest in Karimnagar have plenty to offer the lover of nature as well. Places that offers visitors a thoroughly memorable experience are:
Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary. Located at a short distance of 80 Kms from Karimnagar, the 37 sq.Kms riverine forest has a mix of teak & terminalia trees and is home to Marsh Crocodiles of river Godavari. It also harbours Panthers, Sloth Bears, Nilgai, Black Buck, Cheetal, Python& Langoor. The undulating natural terrain adds to the beauty of the sanctuary.

Manair Dam. Is also an ideal spot for a picnic. The tourism ministry is planning the building of a resort here. Also, the place offers the pleasure of cruising in boats on the river.