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PIMS' earnest intent is to retain a place in each student's memory as the institution that inspired him to do better. PIMS is the brainchild of certain individuals who are trailblazers in their chosen field of medicine in the United States of America, India and elsewhere. It is their aggregate reservoir of experience, knowledge and unique insights which helped shape PIMS. And it is their belief that a student be exposed to as many opportunities for learning and growth as possible during the formative years of his career. Therefore, PIMS lays considerable emphasis on: maintaining a high degree of interaction between the students and the faculty, continuous exchange of international faculty, seconding within and at outside locations and channeling in a steady inflow of 'current' information through various media. The library occupies a vital position at PIMS: it has an extensive collection of text and reference books, journals and CDs and all the learning stations are connected to the vast resourcebook- the internet. Experts, events, exchanges - there is no dearth of resources to inspire a student at PIMS.