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Sl.No. Date Topic Speaker
1 29.1.2002 Esomeprazole Dr. Animesh Gupta
    A new horizon in PPI therapy  
    ESOZ (Proton pump inhibitor)  Dr. S. Krishna Murthy
2 15.2.2002 Technological advancement in Ofloxacin as NDDS  Dr. Animesh Gupta
    Zanocin -OD  
      Dr. Koti Reddy
      Dr. Chandra Shekar
              TB & Chest Diseases
3 16.3.2002 Low back pain Dr. Sanjay Joseph
4 20.4.2002 Actions of Nitric Oxide and Its Metabolism and  Dr. B. Prabhakar Rao
    A possible role of ADMA (Inhibitor of no Synthesis)  Professor of 
    in causing cardio vascular Risk  Biochemistry
5 17.5.2002 Bone Markers incluidng the Marker which detects Dr. B. Prabhakar Rao
    early Osteporosis and brief review of tests done by  Professor of 
    Elecys-1010  Biochemistry
6 18.5.2002 Seminor on Prokinetic agents Dr. Animesh Gupta
7 20.7.2002 A rare case of Acute Abdomen by Dept. of   
    General Surgery  
    A case of Haemolytic Anaemia  Dr. Animesh Gupta
8 28.9.2002 Leukotrinene Receptor Antagonist - Montelukast Dr. Rama Sree
    in treatment of Asthama   
    Treatment of Hypokalemic Paralysis  Dr. Chandra Shekar
    Biochemical aspects of Hypsokalaemia  Dr. B. Prabhakar Rao 
      Professor of Biochemistry
9 9.11.2002 27/F, Presented with DIABETIC KETOACIDOSIS  
    Diagnosis & Management of DKA Dr. Chandra Shekar
    7 yr. Child with Hydronephosis case presentation Dr. Ch. Ravinder Rao,
    & discussion  Dr. Rajashekar
11 01.02.2003 Diagnosis and Management of Fat embolism.   Dr. Sanjay Joseph
    Role of Ventilatory Support  
12 08.3.2003 Adverse Reactions to Blood transfusion and  Dr. B. Prabhakar Rao
    Streamlining the procedure to prevent Blood Professor of Biochemistry
    Transfusion Reaction  
    Role of Parentral Nutrition in Critical ill patients Dr. Chandra Shekar
      Asst. Professor of Medicine.
13 18.3.2003 Overview of Basic Life Support (BLS) Dr. Joseph A. Florence
    Cardiopulmonary Resuctitation (CPR) Dr. Ravinder R. Surkanti
    Advanced cardic Life Support (ACLS) Dr. P. Maheshwar Reddy
      Mr. Mark. A. Young
      Mr. Jeffrey Hileman
14 03.08.2003 Hypertension - Evaluation and Management,  Dr. A. Srinivas Kumar
    Newer Guidelines ( 2003) Consultant  Cardiologist
    Recent Trends in Critical Care Medicine  Dr. Muralidhar Joshi, 
      Intenvist - Appollo Hospitals
15 19.08.2003 Case of Testicular Tumor an over view Dept. of General Surgery
16 26.08.2003 An over view of recent viral encephalitis in children  Dr. R. Samba Shiva Reddy, Asst.Prof. 
      Dept. of Paediatrics 
17 04.09.2003 The case presented by Unit-I Dept. of  Dept. of General Medicine
    General Medicine  
18 30.09.2003 Common dermatological disorders  Dr. Omer Mujebbuddin, Asst. Prof. 
      Dept. of Dermatology
19 04.11.2003 Interpretation of Arterial Blood gases  Dr. C.N. Prasad, Asst. Prof. 
      Dept. of Pulmonology
20 18.11.2003 Ectopic pregnancy  Dr. P. Sreeleela, 
      Dr. Vijaya Chowdary, 
      Dept. of OBG
21 25.11.2003 Eagle syndrome - Elongated styloid process  Dr. Vishal Shrma, Asst. Prof. 
      Dept. of ENT
22 03.12.2003 Physiotherapy equipment & their uses  Mr. M. Narayana Reddy, 
      Dept. of Physiotherapy
23 09.12.2003 Delirium  Dr. Anna Dutta, Asst. Prof. 
      Dept. of Psychiatry
24 16.12.2003 A case congenital haemolytic anaemia  Dr. R. Sambashiva Reddy, Asst. Prof. 
      Dept. of Paediatrics 
25 23.12.2003 Clinical aspects of Leprosy  Dr. H.V. Prasad, 
      Dept. of General Medicine 
26 06.01.2004 An interesting Neonatal care diagnosedin delivery room Dr. R. Sudhakar
    A breif overview of Neonatal Resuscitation  Dept. of Paediatrics 
27 27.01.2004 A case Nephrotic syndrome  Dr. R. Sambashiva Reddy, Asst. Prof. 
      Dept. of Paediatrics 
28 17.02.2004 Fluid balance in surgical patient  Dr. Atul varshney, Asst. Prof. 
      Dept. of Orthopaedics 
29 24.02.2004 Multi Drug resistant Tuberculosis  Dr. C.N. Prasad, Asst. Prof. 
      Dept. of Pulmonology
30 02.03.2004 A rare case of Rupture diaphragm  Dept of General Surgery
31 17.03.2004 Management of a Polytrauma  case with advanced Dept. OBG, Anaesthesiology,
    pregnancy ( with multi disciplinary approach) and General Surgery,
      Pulmonology, Pathology, 
      Orthopaedics, Neuro surgery
      & Physiotheraphy
32 13.04.2004 Neuro cysticercosis & Hydatid cyst.  Dr. S. Krishna Murthy, Prof. 
      Dept. of General Medicine 
33 14.07.2004 Medico legal aspects of Medical Practice Dr. T.K.K. Naidu 
      Dept. of Forensic Medicine 
34 17.07.2004 Management of a case Ovarain  tumor by the  Dr. Rajani Chelani, 
    Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynaecology  Asst. Professor,  Obg & Gyn. 
      Dr. Anil Mohan Rao, 
      Asst. Professor, Pathology
      Dr. Srilaxmi, Asst. Professor
      OBG & Gyn. 
35 21.07.2004 Behcet's Disease  Dr. Omer Mujeebuddin, Asst. Prof. 
      Dept. of Dermatology. 
36 24.07.2004 Workshop on Medical Education Technology Dr. B. Prabhakar Rao, MD
      Principal / Dean, 
      Professor & HOD, Biochemistry 
37 28.07.2004 Cardiovascular Disease in Preganancy  Dr. V. Koti Reddy, Asst. Prof. 
      General Medicine 
38 04.08.2004 Cardiovascular Disease in Pregnancy  Dr. V. Koti Reddy, 
      Dept. of General Medicine 
39 11.08.2004 Larva currence in a Organophosphorus  Dr. Sanjeev Rao
    Urinary tract infection rare organsim isolated Mr. Rajasekhar Rao
40 25.08.2004 Malignant Pleural Effusion treated with Pleurodesis  Dr. C.N. Prasad, Asst. Prof. 
      Dept. of Pulmonology
41 28.08.2004 Larva Currence in a Organophosphorus poisoning  Dr. Sanjeev D. Rao 
    case  Microbiology
    Urinary tract infection rare organism isolated  Mr. Rajashekar Rao
    Soft tissue fungal infection - Unsual presentation Dr. V. Srinivas
    A report on 2 cases   
42 01.09.2004 A case of 18 weeks of preganancy with ECLAMPSIA  Dr. A. Sarojini, Asst. Prof. 
    super imposed on chronic HTN with pulmonary edema  Dept. of OBG
    and respiratory failure  
43 08.09.2004 Rare renal mass ( Right ) by Surgical team Department of General Surgery
44 15.09.2004 Legal stand of Medical Practitioner  Dr. T. Venkat Ramanaiah, 
      Dept. of Forensic Medicine 
45 17.09.2004 Diagnostic and therapeutic applications of  Dr. B. Prabhakar Rao
    " Radio active Isotopes and Radiation" Professor & HOD, 
      Dept. of Biochemistry
46 22.09.2004 Day care Surgery Dr. Anjani Kumar Gupta 
      Dept. of Anaesthesiology
47 06.10.2004 A case of Cerebral Malaria  Dr. N. Guru Raj, Asst. Prof.
      Dept. of General Medicine 
48 13.10.2004 Pancreatitis - CT evaluation  Dr. P. Ram Kiran, 
      Dept. of Radiology 
49 27.10.2004 A case of Devics Disease  Dept. of Medicine & 
50 03.11.2004 Papillits  Dept. of Ophthalmology
51 10.11.2004 A case of Acute Abdomen with Haemorriagic  Dept. of General Surgery
52 17.11.2004 Recent trends in treatment of post menopousal  Dept. of Orthopaedics
53 24.11.2004 Acute coronary syndrome Dept. of Cardiology
54 01.12.2004 Challenges of Geriatric Anaesthesia in PIMS Dr. A.K. Gupta, Dept. of 
55 08.12.2004 Acute coronary syndrome - Management  Dept. of Cardiology 
56 15.12.2004 A rare case of Fungal Ball of Paranasal Sinus Dept. of ENT
57 27.12.2004 Medicine in New Millennium   
    Management of Hypertension  Dr. Jayarama Guntupalli
      Prof. Of Medicine / Nephrology 
    Imaging and Evaluation of Back pain Dr. Jagan Ailinani
      Professor of Radiology
    Primary care of Newborn ( Neonatology Demystified) Dr. Dharmapuri Vidyasagar 
      Professor of Paediatrics 
    Risk of Stratification in Acute Coronary Artery  Dr. H.K. Reddy
    Disease Cardiologist 
    Recent Trends in Management of HIV Infection  Dr. Vijay Yaldandi
      Clinical Assoc. Prof. Medicine 
    When baby is delayed in Milestones  Dr. Nagamani Belligere
    Management of Acute Renal Failure  Dr. Jayarama Guntupalli
      Prof. Of Medicine / Nephrology 
58 02.02.2005 A case presentation by Surgical Team Dept. of General Surgery
59 16.02.2005 Snake bite - Envenomation  Dept. of General Medicine 
60 02.03.2005 Multiple Myeloma  Dept. of General Medicine
61 23.03.2005 A case of Mutiple penetrating injury admitted in PIMS Dept. of General Surgery
62 30.03.2005 A case pyrexia of unknown origin  Dept. of Paediatrics 
63 09.07.2005 HIV & Tuberculosis  Dr. K. Venu, MD DTCD, DCH ( Osm)
64 15.12.2005 Anatomy of Knee joint & MRI Dr. Vikram, USA ( Radiologist)
65 17.12.2005 Diabetic Retinopathy  Dr. Vishwanatham & Team 
      SD Hospital, Hyderabad. 
66 15.06.2006 Role of Imaging modalities in patient Management  Dr. Suresh Phatak, Asst. Prof. 
      Dept. of Radiology 
67 28.06.2006 Biological markers in Psychiatry  Dr. D.J. Bagchi, Asst. Prof. 
    A case of Gilles DE LA  Tourette syndrome  Dept. of Psychiatry
68 12.07.2006 Diabetic Retosis in children  Dr. Sambasiva Reddy, Asst. Prof. 
      Dept. of Paediatrics 
69 26.07.2006 Two cases of congential anomolies in the neck  Dr. Deepak Naik, Asst. Prof. 
      Dept. of General Surgery
70 09.08.2006 Emergencies in ENT Dr. Jalelur Rahman, Asst. Prof. 
      Dept. of ENT
71 11.08.2006 Common CNS Clinical presentations with  Dr. Jagan Mohan Ailinani, 
    applied neuro anatomy MD ( Radiology) Memorial Hospital
       of Carbondale, USA 
72 23.08.2006 Hypertension - Recent guidelienes IU its management  Dr. Rittick Patowari, Asst. Prof. 
      Dept. of General Medicine 
73 06.09.2006 A case of ovarian pregnancy  Dr. Y. Srilaxmi, Asst. Prof. 
      Dr. J. Srilatha, Asst. Prof. 
      Dept. of OBG
74 11.10.2006 Interesting cases  Dr. Kishore Ghodke, Tutor 
      Dept. of Radiology
75 01.11.2006 Diabetic Retinopathy  Dr. Ch. Jagan Mohan Rao
      Dept. of Ophthalmology
76 22.11.2006 A case of Pseudocyst of pancreas  Dr. Nooruddin W. Ansari
      Dept. of General Surgery
77 06.12.2006 Management of accidental exposure of HIV / AIDs  Dr. S.M. Ahmed, Asst. Prof. 
    in Health Professionals  Dept. of Community Medicine
78 27.12.2006 Soft Tissue sarcoma of thigh Dr. Rajesh Kale, Asst. Prof. 
      Dept. of General Surgery
79 10.01.2007 Cerrebrovascular Diseases - Newer guidelines in  Dr. Rittick Patowary, Asst. Prof. 
    Management  Dept. of General Medicine 
80 24.01.2007 Shock - with special reference to Cardiogenic shock  Dr. V. Koti Reddy, Assoc. Prof. 
      Dept. of General Medicine 
81 14.02.2007 Meniere's disease it recent methods of treatment  Dr. Jalelur Rehaman, Asst. Prof. 
      Dept. of ENT
82 24.09.2007 Congenital Cardiovascular Malformations ( CCVMS)  
    Biochemical Aspects of genetics  Dr. B. Prabhakar Rao, 
      Professor of Biochemistry
    Chromosomal abnormalities and Aetiology and  Dr. David NK Kistoppa, 
    pathogenesis of CCVMS Professor of Pathology
    Basic Embryology of Heart ( Development of Heart)  Dr. P. Satyavathi Devi, 
      Professor of Anatomy
    Clinical diagnosis and management of Congential  Dr. V. Koti Reddy, 
    Cardiovascular Malformations  Assoc. Professor of General Med. 
83 26.09.2007 Blunt Trauma and management  Dr. Girish, Asst. Prof. 
      Dr. Rajesh Kale, Asst. Prof. 
      Dept. of General Surgery
84 09.10.2007 Hypertension - Indian scenerio  Dr. S. Krishna Murthy, Prof. 
      Dept. of General Medicine 
85 28.10.2007 Symposium on COPD  Department of Pulmonology 
    Diagnostic Dilema in COPD Dr. Sai Charan, MD ( Chest) - 
      FCCP Sr. Consultant in Apollo Hospital
    Spirometry in COPD  Dr. Narender, MD ( Chest),  
      FCCP Sr. Consultantin Apollo Hospital
86 06.11.2007 Pulmonary Hypertension  Dr. V. Koti Reddy, Assoc. Prof. 
      Dept. of General Medicine 
87 14.12.2007 Conjunctivitis Depatment of Ophthalmology
88 04.01.2008 Kidney Failure and Options  Dr. Ramesh Komaragiri, MD FACP
      Assistant Professor, Division of
      Nephrology, University of New Mexico
      Health Science Centre, Albuquerque, NM
89 14.02.2008 What is new in Urology Dr. B. Nanda Kumar Madekar
      Urology Department, Mythri Hospital, 
    Paradigm shifts in medical education in the USA: Impact Dr. Jayarama Guntapalli
    of Flexner report Professor of Medicine / Nephrology, 
      University of Texas, Houston, Tx
    Evidence Based Medicine : Relevance to developing  Dr. Kevin Dorsey, MD, Dean, 
    countries  The Southern Illinois University School 
      of Medicine, Springfield 
    Problem based learning : Helping students learn by  Dr. Debra Klamen, MD MHPE, 
    teaching less Associate Dean, Chair Dept. of medical 
      education, Southern Illionis University 
      School of Medicine, Springfield Illinois 
91 27.03.2008 Granulomatus skinleasion  Department of General Surgery
92 10.04.2008 A case of Pleural Effusion  Department of Paediatrics 
93 18.08.2008 RNTCP status and implementation in India and  Dr. K. Subhakar, Chairman,  
    challenges State Task Force, Andhra Pradesh
94 13.10.2008 Transcendental Meditation  Dr. Alarik Arenander, Neuroscientist 
      Director of lowa's Brain Research Inst. 
      University of California Los Angeles USA
95 04.11.2008 Acute Respiratory Syndrome  Dr. Kalapalatha Guntapalli 
96 11.11.2008 Ist monthly Clinical Pathological Conference I the New  Indira Priyadarshini (House Surgeon)
    England Journal Format  Komal Bhora 
    A Case of 32 year old lady presenting to PIMS casualty ward Dr. Ch. Vikas, Asst.Prof. Radiology
    with complaint of oliguria 3 days after her second cesarean  David NK Kistopa Professor of pathology
97 21.01.2009 Radiology Renal infections  Dr. S. Zafar Jafri, MD
98 25.02.2009 Trauma Management  Dr. Kiranmayi Palla, MD
      Fellow in Trauma, Hartford Hospital 
      University of connecticut, Farmington, CT. 
99 20.03.2009 Disruption of Blood Brain Barrier - Route cause of Disease -  Dr. K.V.S. Prakash Rao, MS ( Gen. Sur)
    My Hypothesis  Neurosurgeon, PIMs
100 08.08.09 First International Continuing Medical Education   
  09.08.09 Conference on Primary Care Medicine   
    Pathophysiology and management of COPD Dr. Kalpalatha K. Guntupalli, MD
      Professor of Medicine 
      Baylor College of Medicine, Huston, Texas, USA
    Hypertension: Current concepts emerging considerations Dr. C.V.S. Ram, MD
      Professor of Medicine, The University of Texas
    An update on viral hepatitis  Dr. Vijay Yeldandi, MD
      Professor of Medicine
      University of Chicago School of Medicine, USA
    Hypertensive emergencies: Medical & Surgical Management Dr. C.V.S. Ram, MD
      Professor of Medicine, The University of Texas
    Radiological evaluation of low-back pain Dr. Jagan Ailinani, MD
      Professor of Radiology, Southern Illinois Univ. 
      School of Medicine, USA
      Member,  Board of Directors, PIMS. 
    Non-pharmacological lifestyle modifications in the management of  Dr. Padmini Rajgopal
    Type-II diabetes and hypertension Board certified nutritionist and Diabetes 
      educator, USA
    An update on HIV AIDS : What primary care physicians should know  Dr. Vijay Yeldandi, MD
      Professor of Medicine 
      The University of Chicago School of Medicine, 
      Chicago, Illinois, USA
      Secretary - General SHARE -USA, APAIDSCON
    Metabolic syndrome : A silent epidemic in India  Dr. B. Prabhakar Rao, MD
      Dean and Professor of Biochemistry
      PIMS, Karimnagar. 
    Acute Renal Failure in Sepsis Pathophysiology & Management  Dr. P.L. John Israel, MD
      Professor & General Medicine,
       PIMS, Karimnagar
    Acute Myocardial Infraction  Dr. V. Koti Reddy, MD
      Associate Professor of General Medicine, 
      PIMS, Karimnagar. 
    Ambulatory management of bronchial asthma  Dr. Alladi Mohan, MD
      Professor  and Head of the Dept. of Medicine 
      SVMC, Tirupathi
    Identification of common psychiatric problems presenting as somatic Dr. Hema S. Reddy, MD
    illness  Practicing physician in psychiatry and 
      alternative medicine 
      Director, Shanthi Bhavan, Kothapalli, Karimnagar
    Arthritis in adults  Dr. Jay S. Guntupally, MD
      Faculty, Baylor College of Medicine,  Houston, 
      Texas, USA
    Case studies in Radiology - CT scan and MRI Dr. Jagan Ailinani, MD
      Professor of Radiology, Southern Illinois Univ. 
      Corbondale, Illinois, USA
      Past - President, American Association of 
      Physicians of Indian Origin, USA
101 21.08.2009 Acoustic Neuroma Dr. P.L. John Isarael, MD
      Professor of Medicine, 
      PIMS, Karimnagar
      Dr. K.V.S. Prakash Rao, MS
      Neuro Surgeon, PIMS, Karimnagar
      Dr. R. Pritham, PG student of ENT, PIMS. 
102 28.08.2009 Swine flu Dr. T.L.N. Swamy, 
      Associate Professor, TB & Chest Diseases
      PIMS, Karimnagar
103 18.09.2009 A coma  Dr. P.L. John Isarael, MD
      Professor of Medicine, 
      PIMS, Karimnagar
104 19.10.2009 Obstetrics and Paediatric management of prematurity.  Dr. Dharmapuri Vidyasagar, MD
      Professor of Paediatrics and Neonatology 
      The University of Chicago Medical School,
      Chicago, IL, USA.
105 07.11.2009 Seizures and epilepsy - Management  Dr. Reddy Prasad, DM ( Neuro)
106 24.11.2009 New Trends in Clinical Pathology  Dr. Narloo, 
      Chief Pathologist 
      Lal Path Lab, New Delhi 
107 30.01.2010 Heart Failure  Department of Anatomy
      Deprtment of Physiology
      Department of Biochemistry
      Dept. of Int. Medicine/ Cardiology
108 06.07.2010 Health Care Services on Electronic Health Records  Dr. Tirmizi, Director 
109 16.07.2010 CME Programme on Emergency Medicine ( GVK EMRI)   
    Management of Cardiac Emergencies – MI Dr. Anil Kumar Mulpur, Vice President & Clinical 
      Director, Narayana Hrudayalaya Mallareddy Hospital, 
    Management of Obstetric Emergencies – PPH Dr. Vivekanand Achanta, Medical Superintendent, 
      Govt. Maternity College, Warangal. 
    Management of Pediatric Emergencies - SoB Dr. V.S.V. Prasad, CEO, Chief Neonatologist and Pediatric 
      Intensivist, Lotus Hospital, Hyderabad. 
    Principles & Practices of Emergency Medical Services  Dr. Ramana Rao, Head EMLC, GVK EMRI
110 31.07.2010 CNS infections in HIV Dr. Priyakanth Nayak
111 21.08.2010 Radiological approach to common clinical problems  Dr. Jagan Ailinani, Director, Radiologist, USA
112 20.01.2011 Workshop on Biomedical Waste Management  c.p.r. environmental education centre, Hyderabad 
113 21.01.2012 Ist zonal Dermato - Pathology   
    1.  Smiilies in Dermato Pathology Dr. Premalatha, MD Dermatology
    2.  Non-fungal Granulomas  Retd HOD, Ramchandra Medical College, Chennai
    1.  Patterns of inflammation in epiderms  Dr. Swarnalatha, MD Pathology
    2.  Lymphomas  HOD, Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 
    Panel Discussion  Dr. Premalatha
      Dr. D.V.S. Pratap, Professor & HOD, Dematology, PIMS
      Dr. B.Y. Praveen Kumar, Asst. Professor, Dermatology, PIMS
      Dr. G. Anandam, Professor & HOD, Pathology, PIMS
      Dr. V. Srinivas, MD
      Dr. Swarnalatha
114 09.04.2012 & 2nd International Continuing Medical Education Conference   
    What is hypertension  Dr. Jayram Guntupall, MD, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, 
      Texas, USA
    Gender disparties in Health and Health care  Dr. Joslyn W. Fisher, MD, MPH, FACP
    A global perspective  Associate Professor of Medicine Ethics, Baylor College of 
      Medicine Carbondale, USA
    Evaluation of Acute chest pain Dr. V. Koti Reddy, Professor of Cardiology, PIMS, Karimnagar 
    Community acquired pneumonias  Dr. Vijay Kumar, MD
      Professor of Medicine, Mediciti Institute of Medical Sciences
    Hot topics in women's health Dr. Joslyn W. Fisher, MD, MPH, FACP
      Associate Professor of Medicine Ethics, Baylor College of 
      Medicine Carbondale, USA
    Imaging patients with acute abdominal pain Part-I  Dr. Jagan Ailineni, MD FACR
    Bowel Obstruction, Bowel of Ischemia & Perforation Professor of Radiology, Southern Illinoius University
      Carbondale, USA
    Sleep disorders: a new frontier Dr. Vijay Kumar, MD
      Professor of Medicine, Mediciti Institute of Medical Sciences
    Intital Management of Head injuries  Dr. Sai Ram Dammaraju, MCh
      Head Department of Neurosurgery
      Mediciti Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad
115 10.04.2012 Arthritis in adults  Dr. Jayram Guntupall, MD, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, 
      Texas, USA
    Metabolic syndrome  Dr. B. Prabhakar Rao, MD, Professor of Biochemistry, 
      Dean and Director ( ME), PIMS
    Adult onset diabetes mellitus Dr. Jayram Guntupall, MD, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, 
      Texas, USA
    Evaluation and initial management of chest injuries  Dr. A.G.K. Gokhle, MS, M.Ch
      Senior consultant in cardio thoracic surgery 
      Yashoda Hospital, Secunderabad 
    Imaging patients with acute abdominal pain Part-II Dr. Jagan Ailineni, MD FACR
    Appendicitis, Diverticulitis and Acute Cholecystitis  Professor of Radiology, Southern Illinoius University
    Psychiatric illness presenting as somatic illness  Dr. P. Kishan, Professor & HOD, Psychiatry, PIMS
    Chronic kidney Disease - Prevention and management in Indian setting  Dr. P.L. John Israel, MD
      Professor & HOD, General Medicine, PIMS. 
116 25.03.2013 Recent advances in Cancer Treatment  Dr. Dattareyudu Nori M.D. F.A.C.R, F.A.C.R.O, 
      Director of the Cancer Center and Professor and 
      Chairman of the Radiation Oncology, 
      Department of Newyork Hospital Queens
117 19.08.2013 Novel method of screening for Cervical Cancer  Dr. Maqbool Haq, MD Oncologist 
      Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute,
      Texas, USA
118 29.09.2013 A.P. A.P.I. Regional CME jointly organised by   
    PIMS & API, Karimnagar   
119 03.10.2013 Being Indian - Risk factor for Type - II Diabetes  Dr. Sumit Bhagra, Consultant & Endocrionologist 
    Hypothyrodism Tips/Tricks for management Mayo Clincs, USA
120 17.12.2013 Deep Vein Thrombosis  Dr. Jagan Ailineni, MD FACR
      Professor of Radiology, Southern Illinoius University
 121  07.01.2014  Critical Care Medicine  Dr. Butchi Babu Paidipaty, MD, MSBA, FACP, FCCP, FCCM,

      Con. Intensivist, MI, USA
122 16.01.2014 Interventional Neuro Radiology - Updated Dr. Suresh Reddy, Interventional Radiologist
      Harvard School of Medicine, Bostan, USA
123 22.04.2014 Cancer and Tobacco Dr. T. Subrahmanyeshwar Rao
      Consultant Surgical Oncologist,
      Basavatarakam Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad.
124 11.08.2014 Metabolic Syndrome Dr. Srimathi Kannan, SIU
125 20.12.2014 & 21.12.2014 International Update on Perinatology and Paediatrics  
126 11.01.2015

Hands on Workshop on Immunohistochemistry

Dept. of Pathology