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Stroke is the second leading cause of death worldwide and also causes long-term disability in adults.

The good news is that treatments are available that can greatly reduce the damage caused by stroke.  However, you need to recognize the symptoms of a stroke and get to a hospital quickly.  Getting treatment within window period   (or) within 60 minutes (1 hour) can prevent disability.

Prevent Stroke. Know the Symptoms Causes and Treatment for Stroke 2

What is the stroke? (or) Brain attack?

A) A Stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is interrupted i.e. leading to cerebral ischemia. When the stroke occurs, brain cells in immediate area begin to die because they stop getting the oxygen & nutrients which they need to function.

What causes a stroke?

A) There are two major kinds of stroke.  The first called an ischaemic stroke is caused by a blood clot that blocks (or) plugs a blood vessel (or) artery in the brain.  About 80% of all strokes are ischaemic.

The second, known as Haemorrhagic stroke is caused by a blood vessel in the brain that breaks and bleeds into the brain.  About 20% of strokes are hemorrhagic.

What are the symptoms of stroke? (or) When to suspect stroke in a patient?

A) The symptoms of stroke are distinct.  They are:-

1.     Sudden weakness (or) numbness of the face, arm, leg (especially of one side of the body)

2.     Sudden confusion, difficulty in speech/ Slurring of speech.

3.     Change in Vision such as blurring of vision (or) loss of vision in one (or) both eyes.

4.     Gait abnormalities, dizziness.

5.     Sudden severe headache with no known cause.


What should a bystander do?

A) If you believe someone is having a stroke, if he (or) she suddenly develops weakness of arm (or)  leg or both, face on one side, loss of speech (or) difficulty in speech – call or contact a medical emergency as soon as possible & rush to a medical centre / hospital with CT Scan facility.

Why is there a need to act fast, act in time?

A) Stroke is a medical emergency.  Every minute counts when someone is having a stroke.  The longer the blood flow is cut off to the brain, the greater the damage. 

Immediate treatment can save people’s  lives & enhance their chances of successful recovery.

Ischaemic stroke, the most common type of stroke can be treated with a drug called tissue plasminogen activator (tPA)  that dislodges blood clots obstructing blood flow to the brain.  The window of opportunity to start treating stroke patients is 3 hours but to be evaluated & receive treatment, the patient needs to get to the hospital within 60 minutes.

Do you know the risk factors for stroke?

A)  Knowing the risk factors for stroke is the first step in preventing a stroke.  Several risk factors are identified with stroke such as:-

1.     High blood pressure.

2.     High Cholesterol.

3.     Smoking.

4.     Diabetes.

5.     Obesity (or)  being overweight.

6.     Advancing age.

7.     Poor diet (or) lack of exercise

8.     Alcohol.

9.     Prior stroke.

10. Presence of heart disease.

If you smoke, do quit.  If you have high BP, heart disease, diabetes (or) high cholesterol, get them under control.  If you are obese (or) overweight, start a healthy diet & exercise regularly.

Prevent Stroke. Know the Symptoms Causes and Treatment for Stroke 1

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